We finished testing Decentralized Lottery feature today! $FXB $USDT $BNB Gameplay 18 Oct 2023 We finished testing Decentralized Lottery feature today! $FXB $USDT $BNB Gameplay

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p><strong></strong></p><p><strong>Decentralized Lottery FxBox (BSC)</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p>If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers in the correct order, you win a portion of the prize pool. Simple! FXB &amp; USDT &amp; BNB Pools (Binance Smart Chain)</p><p><br></p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"Rapido\"  - Ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$5 USD. Daily. 24 times.</p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"Rapido 2\"  Ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$1 USD. Daily. 48 times.</p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"Lucky Crypto 4x20x2\" - Ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$3 USD. Daily. 6 times.</p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"6x45\" - Ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$1 USD. Daily. 4 times.</p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"5x36+1\" - Ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$2 USD. Daily. 6 times.</p><p>​ Decentralized Lottery \"Line 5\" - Lottery ticket cost for 1 ticket: ~$5 USD. Daily. 12 time.</p><p><strong></strong></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"283","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/ef4/800_210_1/ge2rqyw2lk82woqfxmz80jkp956wbzl2.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/ef4/ge2rqyw2lk82woqfxmz80jkp956wbzl2.png"},"desc":"","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

We finished testing Farming Currencies NFTs feature today! 23 Aug 2023 We finished testing Farming Currencies NFTs feature today!

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p><strong>Yield Farming</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>\"Liquidity mining\" in DeFi refers to the process of depositing or lending designated token assets as required through DeFi products with a mining mechanism to provide liquidity for the swap fund pool and obtain income. This may be the native token of the project.</p><p><br></p><p>On the FXBOX platform, deposit the FXB-BNB LP or FXB-BUSD LP to increase liquidity for the pools. As a reward for providing liquidity, participants to get airdrop of Points.</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"276","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/9ec/800_210_1/cutqu0haddsfiuz5m0yru1q2cphu7c6t.jpg","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/9ec/cutqu0haddsfiuz5m0yru1q2cphu7c6t.jpg"},"desc":"","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p><strong>What is LP token</strong><br></p><p><br></p><p>LP (Liquidity provider) usually be understood as a token certificate that the liquidity pool returns to the user when the user staked tokens into the pool.</p><p>At present, all LPs on the FXBOX platform are Pancake's LPs, and the LPs that provide liquidity on the pancake can be directly deposit on FXBOX.</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

We finished testing Upgrade Currencies NFTs feature today!  Increase Mining Power 22 Aug 2023 We finished testing Upgrade Currencies NFTs feature today! Increase Mining Power

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p><strong>The only NFT Currency rarities that can be upgraded are Epics and Legendaries! Common, Uncommon and Rares cannot be upgraded but can be merged to form universal NFTs.</strong></p><p><br></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p><strong></strong></p><p>FXBOX traders can upgrade their NFT Currencies to increase the mining power rate and add bonus mining power with stars. All NFTs used up in the upgrading process are burnt as they are fed to the upgraded NFT Currency to increase stats. Read all about it below </p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"274","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/37f/800_210_1/39hf3hzz03gx3nkgqqd22lafg97n23gq.jpg","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/37f/39hf3hzz03gx3nkgqqd22lafg97n23gq.jpg"},"desc":"","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p>All NFT Currencies opened from boxes start at LVL 1. NFT Currencies can be leveled up to LVL 50 however, the current max level an NFT can reach is LVL 30. When upgrading your NFT Currencies, star bonuses can be acquired which generate a boost to your total mining power (without the star bonus). </p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

$FXB released on BSC (Binance Smart Chain) 30 Jul 2023 $FXB released on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"type":"h3","value":"FXBOX Token $FXB released on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)","anchor":"fxbox-token-fxb-released-on-bsc-binance-smart-chain","name":"htag","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"240","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/iblock/bac/800_210_1/xxm2fbg58xojyj7zwtyfwpfg0mfeylb6.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/iblock/bac/xxm2fbg58xojyj7zwtyfwpfg0mfeylb6.png"},"desc":"","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p><strong>FXB token specifications:</strong><br></p><p>Token name: <strong>FXB</strong></p><p>\nDecimals: <strong>18</strong></p><p>Token Allocation (Year 1): <strong>86,000,000,000</strong></p><p>\nMaximum supply: <strong>200,000,000,000</strong></p><p>\nChain: <strong>BSC</strong></p><p>\nContract Standard: <strong>BEP20</strong></p><p>Contract: <a href=\"https://bscscan.com/token/0xd16929690e6bb726f9daceef33ddbb715eb467fe\"><strong xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml\">0xd16929690e6bb726f9daceef33ddbb715eb467fe</strong></a><strong></strong></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

We finished testing Team's Currencies NFTs feature today! 8 Jul 2023 We finished testing Team's Currencies NFTs feature today!

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p><strong>NFT Teaming</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p>NFT Currencies can be teamed for bonus mining power rewards. An NFT team requires 4 NFT Currencies that have different rarities under the team type. <strong>Every NFT team you collect provides a 50+ mining power boost. </strong></p><p><br></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"234","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/2f3/800_210_1/9uwyuppe0vae7adukpzup8pwe6emqu3g.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/2f3/9uwyuppe0vae7adukpzup8pwe6emqu3g.png"},"desc":"","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p>For example, if you had a mining power of 35 with 4 NFTs then decided to team them, you will have 85 mining power (+50 from the team). Teaming your NFTs does not incur any costs and you can only create 1 team per NFT Currency type. There are over 15 NFT teams in the FXBOX, start collecting them all!<br></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

We finished testing Mining Currencies NFTs today! 7 Jul 2023 We finished testing Mining Currencies NFTs today!

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p><strong>NFT Mining</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p>NFT Currencies provide passive income to YOU as a FXBOX investor. Not only can you trading or stake but you can also mine with passive FXB flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK required. This mining income is in the form of the FXB token.</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"images":[{"file":{"ID":"232","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/d15/98_55_2/8hjwido2d5v3gqr9z58vw4w3amc28433.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/d15/8hjwido2d5v3gqr9z58vw4w3amc28433.png"},"desc":""}],"name":"gallery","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p><a href=\"https://fxbox.io/mining-nfts-101/\">https://fxbox.io/mining-nfts-101/</a></p><p><br></p><p><strong>Mining Power Earnings and Mining Rate</strong></p><p>So, how much FXB can you earn per day from mining?</p><p><br></p><p>NFT Currency award you with mining power that follow the daily mining rate. For example, if the daily mining rate was 5 FXB per 100 mining power and you had 250 mining power, you will get 2.5 * 5 FXB per day, 12.5 FXB. </p><p><br></p><p>Note, the daily mining rate decreases as more FXBOX traders join in as the mining rate is inversely proportional to the total mining power. As the total mining power increases, the mining rate decreases. Thus, the more cards that are minted and the more players that join will lead to a decrease in the mining rate. It is impossible for the mining rate to reach 0 however, just like Bitcoin, FXB mining will become scarce as time progresses, increasing the value of the FXB token. </p><p><br></p><p>The function of h(mining rate) is based upon the exponential function below</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

We finished testing NFTs Marketplace today! 2 Jun 2023 We finished testing NFTs Marketplace today!

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p> We finished testing NFTs Marketplace today!</p><p><br></p><p>The FXBOX marketplace allows FXBOX investors and traders to trade NFT Currencies for BUSD. </p><p>FXBOX investors and traders can buy and sell NFTs for BUSD on the marketplace, making FxBox one of the first free market economies based on GameFi NFTs!</p><p><br></p><p><a href=\"https://fxbox.io/nft-marketplace/\">https://fxbox.io/nft-marketplace/</a></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"images":[{"file":{"ID":"231","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/iblock/57d/98_55_2/drugzc1tao3g8ic7jr3ddjdsmg9p8kv9.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/iblock/57d/drugzc1tao3g8ic7jr3ddjdsmg9p8kv9.png"},"desc":""}],"name":"gallery","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p><strong>How to buy NFT Currencies?</strong></p><p><br></p><p>FXBOX investors and traders can purchase NFT Currencies by visiting the our marketplace and selecting an NFT Currency to purchase. Once you have found your NFT Currency, click the buy button (may be the approval button first) and your NFT Currency will be sent to your wallet. </p><p><br></p><p>All NFT Currencies purchased will not mint any FXB automatically and must be staked via:</p><p><br></p><p><strong>FXBOX cards acc.</strong></p><p><strong><br></strong></p><p><strong>FXBOX Marketplace features:</strong></p><p><strong>NFT listing (selling)</strong></p><p><strong>NFT buying </strong></p><p><strong>Making offers</strong></p><p><strong>NFT history</strong></p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}

FXBox.io Lucky Boxes Beta Testing Complete 9 Apr 2023 FXBox.io Lucky Boxes Beta Testing Complete

CONTENT:  {"packname":"","version":2,"userSettingsName":"settings","blocks":[{"value":"<p>FXBox.io, the innovative platform that combines the worlds of forex, crypto, mining, stacking, and farming, has announced the complete of its beta testing period for its Lucky Boxes feature.</p><p><br></p><p>Lucky Boxes is a unique and exciting feature that allows users to earn rewards through a randomized, gaming-style experience. Users can purchase Lucky Boxes, which contain a variety of different currency NFTs. The experience of opening a Lucky Box is thrilling and engaging, making it a popular addition to the FXBox.io platform.</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"file":{"ID":"188","WIDTH":0,"HEIGHT":0,"SRC":"/upload/resize_cache/sprint.editor/f60/800_210_1/hgzped4q7v9ltdk45anb236yopbg76do.png","ORIGIN_SRC":"/upload/sprint.editor/f60/hgzped4q7v9ltdk45anb236yopbg76do.png"},"desc":"Lucky FxBox","name":"image","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"},{"value":"<p>The beta testing period was a huge success, with users reporting high levels of engagement and excitement while participating in the Lucky Boxes feature. The results of the beta testing period indicate that Lucky Boxes has the potential to become one of the most popular features of the FXBox.io platform, and the team is already working on further improving and refining the feature in preparation for its official launch.</p><p><br></p><p>In conclusion, the conclusion of the beta testing period for FXBox.io's Lucky Boxes feature is a significant milestone for the platform. With impressive results and high levels of engagement among beta testers, FXBox.io is well positioned to continue its mission of bringing the worlds of forex, crypto, mining, stacking, and farming together into one seamless experience. Stay tuned for the official launch of Lucky Boxes, and be sure to get in on the action when it becomes available!</p>","name":"text","settings":{},"layout":"0,0"}],"layouts":[{"settings":{},"columns":[{"css":""}]}]}