NFT Mining

NFT Currencies provide passive income to YOU as a FXBOX investor. Not only can you trading or stake but you can also mine with passive FXB flowing into your wallet every second with NO WORK required. This mining income is in the form of the FXB token.

Rarity and Mining Power

Once your NFT is generated from a box, it starts off with a base mining power at LVL 1. This base mining power is generate random for all cards. The specifics and ranges has been listed below.

Rarity Base Mining Power (random)
Common 1 ~ 3
Uncommon 4 ~ 6
Rare 7 ~ 11
Epic 12 ~ 30
Legendary 60 ~ 100

Note, the base mining power cannot be upgraded or changed once a card is minted from a box. The base mining power is the mining power of an NFT Currency at LVL 1.

Mining Power Earnings and Mining Rate

So, how much FXB can you earn per day from mining?

NFT Currency award you with mining power that follow the daily mining rate. For example, if the daily mining rate was 5 FXB per 100 mining power and you had 250 mining power, you will get 2.5 * 5 FXB per day, 12.5 FXB. 

Note, the daily mining rate decreases as more FXBOX traders join in as the mining rate is inversely proportional to the total mining power. As the total mining power increases, the mining rate decreases. Thus, the more cards that are minted and the more players that join will lead to a decrease in the mining rate. It is impossible for the mining rate to reach 0 however, just like Bitcoin, FXB mining will become scarce as time progresses, increasing the value of the FXB token. 

The function of h(mining rate) is based upon the exponential function below

Therefore, the mining rate will always always decrease as new traders join, bringing scarcity and value to the FXB token.